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Farmall Cub Tractor Review & Specification

The Farmall cub tractor was one of the three tractor series made by International Harvester (IH) in the mid-1900s. The “cub” in its name is no coincidence as it describes its build and size. It is the smallest tractor to be made by this company ever. It was made from 1947 to 1964 after which it was discontinued for other models.

Tractors made by this producer were unmistakable as they were either IH red or Ferrel yellow. The Farmall cub tractor was made for farm use and small farmers took full advantage of it using it to carry out strenuous activities that were otherwise being carried out with the help of horses.

It sports an open cabin system with the tractor offset to the left and the steering to the right to create a clear path of vision for the user. Don’t get it twisted however, even though they were being called cubs, they weren’t the smallest tractors, just the smallest made by IH which typically makes huge tractor models.

Considering its age, it may be difficult to find a lot of information on the internet about this tractor which may hamper your buying decision. This is why this article is important.

Farmall Cub Tractor Review

Specifications Charts

General Specifications

ModelFarmall Cub
Length2,520 mm (99.33 in)
Width1,220 mm (48.25 in)
Height1,590 mm (62.75 in)
Wheel base1,750 mm (69.25 in)
Ground clearance-
Weight669 kg (1,477 lbs)
Fuel tank capacity28.4liters (7.5 US gal.; 6.7 Imp. gal)
Cabin typeOpen operator station


Engine modelInternational Harvester C60
Engine typeFour-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline
Fuel typeGasoline
Displacement1.0 L, 975 cm2, (59.5 cu·in)
Bore and stroke67.0 mm X 70.0 mm (2.625 in X 2.75 in)
Compression ratio6.5:1
Horsepower9.25 HP at 1,600 rpm
StarterManual (electric option)
Oil capacity:2.8 L (3 US. qt, 2.5 Imp. qt.)
Coolant capacity:9.2 L (9.25 US. Qt)

Transmission and chassis

Chassis4×2 2WD
Steering typeManual
BrakesDifferential contracting band
Transmission model -
Transmission typeSliding gear
Gears3 forward and 1 reverse
Speed  -
Transmission oil capacity1.7 L (1.75 US. Qts)


Front tiresAg: 4.00-12
Rear tiresAg: 8-24, 9.5-24
Ind: 8.3-24, 9.5-24


Mower deck42”
Mid mower deck60”
Blade   -  
Front-end loader    -

Features of Farmall Cub Tractor

The features of the Farmall cub tractor are laid bare in this section for you.

Features of Farmall Cub Tractor

Physical Specifications

Farmall cub is the smallest tractor made by Internal Harvester but it is still fairly large. It weighs 669 kg and is just shy of a hundred inches long at 99.33 in. For its size, it is not a very wide tractor at 48.25 in.

Its height is set at 62.75 inches, while its wheelbase is 69.25 inches. It sports an open operator cabin with no post ROPS.


Farmall cub is fitted with an engine with 9.25 HP this is in no way a powerful tractor and will only be able to do basic tasks comfortably but this shouldn’t be a problem since this is a small farm tractor. The engine is powered by gasoline and has 4 cylinders.

This four-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline engine uses the international harvester C60 model. Its battery is only 6V which is less than the typical 12V battery used across many other tractors. Its fuel capacity is 28.4 L which is good enough for a long work period without the need to refuel.

It has a 59.5 ci displacement, a bore, and stroke of 2.625 × 2.75 inches, and a compression ratio of 6.5:1. Its starter is manual but there is also an option for an electric starter for easier seamless operation.

Transmission and Chassis

There’s a reason why this features list cannot be complete without talking about the transmission and chassis of the Farmall cub tractor – it is vital for the movement of the tractor around the farm.

The chassis carrying the base of this tractor is 4×2 2WD. It is fitted with manual steering and differential contracting band brakes to keep the tractor under control. This is especially important since the tractor lacks an operator cabin cover.

The transmission is a sliding gear model with 3 forward gears and 1 reverse gear. It has a transmission oil capacity of 1.7 L.


There are several attachments available to the Farmall cub tractor. These attachments make it possible for you to use the tractor for the different activities on your farm. Here are the available attachments:

Blade front-end loader, 42” mower deck, and 60” mid mower deck.

Pros and Cons of Farmall cub Tractor

Farmall cub tractor has so many advantages as well as disadvantages you may want to be aware of first before embarking on this journey of owning one for yourself.


  • Versatility: Farmall cub tractors are known to be highly versatile tractors able to do so many things which are further helped by the available attachments
  • Design: while it cannot boast of having the best design, its design was tailored to get the best out of the tractor like its steering position that is to the right of the tractor so your view is unobstructed
  • Large fuel tank: the fuel tank has a capacity of over 28 L which is quite large considering the power and abilities of the Farmall tractor. This will reduce the number of stops for refueling


  • Parts are difficult to find: this is no surprise considering the age of the tractor. You may find getting some parts a difficult task
  • Lack of modern features: the tractor is a fairly old tractor and so will typically lack many modern additions


In 1959 the price of a Farmall cub tractor was $3,995. Today it is almost going for the same price at around $3,000. Bear in mind this tractor is no more in production and you’re buying a used tractor from the 90s.


The decision of whether to buy or not rests solely on your shoulders but I hope it is clearer now with this guide helping clear some doubts and bring better information to light to help your decision.

The tractor may be held back by its age but its performance is great.

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