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Ford 1210 Tractor Review & Specification

Ford 1210 is a compact utility tractor manufactured between 1983 and 1986 by the then-popular Ford tractor brand. Ford was one of the foremost tractor brands in the US going as far back as the early 1900s. In 1986 however, Ford tractors merged with Sperry New Holland before it was finally acquired by Fiat in 1991 but it had a great run as Ford tractors with its famous blue tractors gracing the fields and garden sheds of its users.

Shibaura, a Japanese company, was contracted to make this tractor for Ford.

Ford 1210 preceded the 1200 tractor model and even though it was last manufactured in 1986, it is still widely sought after today. With two different wheel drive options to choose from, you get the chance to be specific to your needs.

This guide shows you the full extent of the abilities of the Ford 1210 compact utility tractor. After reading this guide, you will be able to make an informed buying decision and even get to know the 1210 tractor better if you already own it.

Ford 1210 Tractor Specifications

Ford 1210 Tractor Specifications

General Specifications

ModelFord 1210
Length101 in.
Width43.3 in.
Height (steering wheel)50.4 in.
Wheelbase1,390 mm (55.1 in.)
Ground clearance10.1 in (2WD), 9.6 in (4WD)
Weight605 kg (1,334 lb.)
Fuel tank capacity18.0 L (4.8 US gal.)
Height (ROPS)79.5 in
CabinOpen cabin system


Engine modelShibaura S723
Number of Cylinders3
Firing order1-2-3
Displacement0.9 L, 879 cc (53.6 cu.in.)
Bore x stroke72.0 x 72.0 mm (2.83 x 2.83 in)
Power outputGross: 16.2 PS (11.9 kW; 16.0 HP)
PTO: 13.6 PS (10 kW; 13.4 HP)
Starter typeElectric starter
Oil type
Governed SpeedsLow Idle: 750-850 rpm;
High Idle: 2,850-2,900 rpm; (no load)
Rated: 2,700 rpm (full load)
Oil capacity3.3 L (3.5 U.S. qt)
Coolant capacity2.3 L (2.5 U.S. qt)
Injection Timing, B.T.D.C.24°
Valve clearanceIntake: 0.20 mm (0.008 in.)
Exhaust: 0.20 mm (0.008 in.)

Transmission and chassis

Chassis4×2 2WD or 4×4 MFWD 4WD (option)
Transmission typeGear shift
Gears10 forward and 2 reverse
Ground speedForward: up to 15.8 km/h (9.8 mph)
Reverse: up to 8.6 km/h (5.4 mph)

Tires size

Front tiresAg (2WD): 4.00-12
Ag (4WD): 5.00-12
Turf / Lawn: 20×8.00-10
Rear tiresAg: 8.0-16
Turf: 29×12.00-15


Total flow
Oil capacity (Standard Transmission, Rear Axle and Hydraulic System)17.0 L (18.0 US. qt.)
Oil capacity (Hydrostatic Transmission, Rear Axle and Hydraulic System)15.5 L (16.4 US. qt.)
Front axle differential case1.5 L (1.6 U.S. qt.)
Front axle reduction case (Each)0.2 L (0.21 U.S. qt.)
Max lifting capacity (at link end):399 kg (881 lb.)
3-point linkage:Category I


Mower deck with 3 bladesMid-mount ford 916A48 in., 60 in.
Mower deck with 3 blades and hydraulic liftRear-mount ford 930A 48 in.
Snowblower with hydraulic liftRear-mount ford 715 60 in.
LoaderFront-end ford 768A/B
BackhoeFord 757A


There are so many parts and features in the 1210 ford tractor. These features are the driving force behind the tractor’s rise to prominence even though it was manufactured for barely 3 years. In this section, we’ll see the most vital features and how it affects the tractor.

Ford 1210 Tractor

Physical Specification

Ford 1210 is a compact tractor. What this means is that it is made as small in size as possible. It weighs 605 kg which is light for tractors. It is also 101 inches long,43.3 inches wide, and 50.4 inches high from the steering wheel down. It is, however, 79.5 inches high when calculated from the ROPS down.

And yes, it has a detachable 2 post rollover protection structure (ROPS). I know it’s detachable but no one would want to remove a structure that protects them from injury, right?

It comes in the famous blue color that ford tractors are known for. And has an open cabin system which gives the operator room to operate but offers little protection from the elements.  The leather operator seat is comfortable.


Being a utility and a compact tractor at the same time means there has to be a blend of low power to keep the system compact and high enough to serve different uses you may want your tractor for. Ford 1210 merges this well having an engine horsepower of 16.

It uses a 3-cylinder Shibaura S723 engine model powered by diesel fuel. Like most tractors manufactured around this time, it comes with an easily operated electric starter system. It has a displacement of 0.9 L, an oil capacity of 3.3 L, and a coolant capacity of 2.3 L. The engine is liquid-cooled so you do not have to stop the engine to cool off when working.

Transmission and Chassis

Taking the engine power to the tires and ensuring the smooth control and operation of the tractor is the job of the transmission. The transmission type used in the ford 1210 compact utility tractor is a variable. You can choose between the three available transmission types that are attached.

The gear shift transmission type is the most common with 10 forward and 2 reverse gears. There’s also the hydrostatic transmission type with infinite 2-range forward and reverse gears. The third transmission type available is the creeper type which provides a lower range than the gear type. It comes with 15 forward and 3 reverse gears.

Its steering is manual which means you may have to do more work controlling the tractor. Its maximum forward speed is 15.8 km/h while the maximum reverse speed it can reach is 8.6 km/h.


Ford 1210 compact utility tractor may not be the heaviest out there, but it still needs a fitting tire to carry its weight and move it around smoothly. This is why its agriculture front tires (AG) for 2WD are rated 4.00-12 and 5.00-12 for 4WD, while its rear tires are rated 8.00-16.

For lawn tires, the front tires are rated 20×8.00-10 and the rear tires are rated 29×12.00-15. All the front tires have a thread size of 33.9/36.2 inches while the rear tires have a thread size of 35.4/41.3 inches.

Pros and Cons of Ford 1210

The advantages and disadvantages of owning a ford 1210 compact utility tractor are laid bare in this section.


  • Compact design: it is small and easy to operate because of its compact design. It also means you won’t have a problem finding space to store it
  • Improved handling: you can maneuver tight spaces around objects when using this tractor
  • Utility tractor: can do all sorts of things in your yard from snow blowing to mowing
  • Affordable: it is also quite affordable to purchase


  • Parts are difficult to find
  • It may be too light for heavy-duty work


Its original price in 1986 was $6,952. Today, to get a ford 1210 compact utility tractor in good working condition you may have to part with anything between $1,200 and $2,300 depending on present condition and model year. This makes it an affordable tractor you can get to service most of your garden needs.


It is affordable, reliable and a utility tractor, ford 1210 will serve you well if you will be using it in fields under 10 acres. It packs decent horsepower for its engine and should handle all your little needs.

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