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Ford 1710 Tractor Review & Specification

Farming is the key occupation for a majority of people of several countries. For a country to have a really good economic backbone, it must pay attention to its agricultural sector. People should start adopting modern farming methods in order to increase their revenue and bring prosperity to their business. One such piece of equipment that will easily allow you to carry out all your farming activities is a tractor. With the help of a top-grade tractor, all kinds of modern farming activities can be carried out in a breeze.

The Fort 1710 is basically a highly efficient compact utility tractor. The tractor originally runs on two wheels but it also has the four wheels option. It is a popular tractor from the ten series. The tractor was manufactured by the Japanese company Shibaura. The manufacturing process started in 1958 and continued until 1963. The tractor has 3 cylinder diesel engine with a displacement of 1.4L. It comes with a gear shift transmission type. There are 12 forward and 4 reverse gears.

The tractor is really well equipped with all the required attachments. It is also capable of giving a really good output. It also has dry air cleaners and glows plugs. You will be able to use this tractor under any kind of land conditions. A few of the popular attachments of the tractor include a backhoe, lawnmower, front-end loader and snowblower. Now let us give you some of the most important features and functions of the Ford 1710 tractor.

Ford 1710 Tractor Review

Ford 1710 Tractor Serial Numbers


General Specifications of the Ford 1710 tractor:

ModelFord 1710
EngineShibaura H843
Displacement1.4 L
Starter typeElectric starter
Transmission typeGear shift
Gears12 forward and 4 reverse
Hydraulic systemLive

General features: The Ford 1710 tractor has a wheelbase of 1600 mm. The operating weight of the tractor is 1099 kg while the ballasted weight is 1592 kg. The tractor has a fuel tank capacity of 29.1 litres. It has a 12V battery. It is basically a compact utility tractor with usually runs on two wheels. You can also add two additional wheels to the tractor according to your convenience. 

Engine: The tractor uses an engine model of Shibaura H843. There are a total of three different cylinders. The tractor uses diesel as its fuel type. It has a displacement of 1.4 litres and the power output is 26 HP at 2700 rpm. The starter type is electric. The oil capacity of the tractor is 5.3 litres while the cooling capacity is 5.5 litres. All the specifications make the engine a powerful one. It also comes with preheating glow plugs and a dry air cleaner. The compression ratio of the tractor is 23:1. It is so really smoothly on rough surfaces.

Transmission: The transmission system of the tractor allows the power to be easily transmitted to the various accessory elements of the tractor. It is because of the transmission system that the parts that do not have a direct power supply are also able to function smoothly. The tractor comes with a gear type transmission system with four reverse and 12 forward gears. The steering type is manual for 4×2 2WD chassis and power-driven for 4×4 MFWD 4WD chassis. The forward speed is 12.5 mph while the reverse speed is 8.7 mph.

Hydraulic system: The tractor uses a live hydraulic system. The total flow is 7.8 gpm. The oil capacity of the tractor is 18 litres. The hydraulic system of the tractor is quite advanced. This gives the tractor a competitive edge over other tractors of its time.

A few advantages of the Ford 1710 Tractor

Let us uncover some of the major benefits of the Ford 1710 tractor:

  • The tractor is quite well-known for its flexibility. You have the option to use either two wheels or four wheels depending on your convenience. You will also be able to change the steering type to manual or power steering range based on your needs and requirements.
  • The tractor has a very durable structure. You can easily drive on uneven surfaces without any kind of hindrance. Because of the strong metal structure, you will also be able to use your tractor during harsh weather conditions.
  • The tractor performs equally well at all times of the year. This gives the tractor a competitive edge over other tractors which only perform well during the summer months.
  • The tractor has loads of attachments available. This makes the entire task of farming a lot easier. 
  • You will also be able to use the attachments depending on your requirements. The attachment can easily be fixed to the body of the tractor. This produces very little noise and also gives the driver a seamless experience.

A few disadvantages of the Ford 1710 Tractor

The Ford 1710 tractor has various disadvantages as well. A few of them are:

  • The tractor is not easily available in the market as it was manufactured years ago. You will have to conduct a really good research before you get a good quality tractor for your own.
  • The tractor parts are really difficult to find in the market. Most parts are fake and can cause a negative impact on your vehicle. However, even if you do end up finding an authentic part for your tractor, you may have to invest a huge amount of money.
  • You may also take your tractor for maintenance at regular intervals in order to make sure that your tractor is working really well.

Why is purchasing the Ford 1710 Tractor a wise buying decision?

The Ford 1710 is a very popular tractor of recent times. The tractor is both fuel-efficient and reliable. You can also use the tractor during harsh weather conditions. The tractor also has loads of amazing features and functions. You will also be able to use the tractor for all kinds of agricultural activities.

What is the purchase price of Ford 1710?

Ford 1710 tractor

The original price of the Ford 1710 tractor was $8,859. However, the price has been rising since then. Today, the price is quite high. Also, you will find the tractor at different prices from different vendors. You can also purchase the tractor second-hand at a much lower price.

So, this was all about the Ford 1710 tractor. If you have any other review or information to share with us, do let us know of it and we will share it with our readers. Also, let us know how well this tractor meets all your requirements.

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