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Ford 3600 Tractor Review & Specification

Ford 3600 is a farm tractor model manufactured by Ford Motor Company from 1975 to 1981 in the United States. This 2 WD utility tractor replaced the previous Ford 3000 model with some reformed features and higher horsepower.

This tractor is powered by a Ford-built 175-cubic-inch gas or diesel engine. The 2.9 L, 3-cylinders OHV engine has a torque of 135 lb-ft or 183.1 Nm at 1100 RPM. Its fuel tank capacity is 13 gal or 49.2 L. The 2WD utility tractor has dual-range transmission systems with 8 forward and 2 reverse speeds. The tractor also includes an Open operator station cabin or an optional two-post ROPS.

Ford 3600 model features a water-cooled motor, power steering, and differential mechanical expanding shoe brakes. This article is all about the features, specifications, price, pros, and cons of the Ford 3600 tractors. If you are looking to invest in Ford 3600, this buying guide will help you to make an informed decision. So let’s read about Ford 3600 tractors in detail.

Ford 3600 Tractor Review

General Specifications of Ford 3600 Tractor

ModelFord 3600
Length3,220 mm (126.8 in)
Width1,620 mm (63.8 in)
Height1,370 mm (53.9 in)
Wheel base1,920 mm (75.6 in)
WeightWith 6-speed transmission: 2,000 kg (4,410 lbs) With 8-speed transmission and Cab: 2,530 kg (5,590 lbs)
Fuel tank capacity49.2 liters (13 US gal.; 10.8 Imp. gal)
Battery12V, 80Ah (gas), 128Ah (diesel)
Cabin typeOpen operator station or two-post ROPS (optional)
TypeFour-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline
Fuel TypeDiesel / Gasoline
Displacement2.9 L, 2,867 cm2, (175.0 cu·in)
Bore and stroke107.0 mm X 97.0 mm (4.21 in X 3.82 in)
Compression ratio16.3:1 7.75:1
Horsepower48.7 PS (35.8 kW; 48.0 HP) at 2,000 RPM 46.6 PS (34.3 kW; 46.0 HP) at 2,000 RPM
Torque183.1 N·m (18.7 kg·m, 134.9 ft·lb) at 1,400 RPM
Oil capacity6.6 L (7 US. qt, 5.8 Imp. qt.)
Coolant capacity10.4 L (11 US. qt, 9.2 Imp. qt.)
Chassis4×2 2WD
Steering typePower
BrakesDifferential mechanical expanding shoe
Transmission TypeGear / Synchromesh with dry disc clutch
Gears6 forward and 2 reverse 8 forward and 2 reverse
SpeedForward: 28.0 km (17.4 mph) Reverse: 11.3 (7 mph)
Transmission oil capacity13.1 L (3.5 US. gal, 2.9 Imp. gal.)
Front tiresAg: 6.00-16
Rear tiresAg: 12.4-28
Hydraulic capacity23.3 L (6.2 US gal, 5.1 Imp. gal)
Pressure2100 psi (144.8 bar)
Pump flow8.5 GPM (32.2 L/min)
Rear PTO typeTransmission, live, independent
Rear PTO speed540, 540/1,000 RPM

Features Of Ford 3600 Tractor

The Ford 3600 manufactured by the Ford Motor Company is in the category of a 2WD utility tractor. This farm tractor was produced for 6 years from 1975 to 1981. Here are the key features of the Ford 3600 tractor.


Ford 3600 model offers a choice of either a gasoline engine or a diesel engine. The 2.9 L gas-powered engine has a displacement of 2,867 cm2, (175.0 cu·in). The three-cylinder naturally aspirated gasoline engine produces an output power of 46.6 PS (34.3 kW; 46.0 HP) at 2,000 RPM. Its compression ratio is 7.75:1.  The cylinder bore and piston stroke are 107.0 mm (4.21 in). And it produces 183.1 N·m (18.7 kg·m, 134.9 ft·lb) of torque at 1,100 RPM.

The diesel engine has a displacement of 2,867 cm2, (175.0 cu·in). The 2.9 L three-cylinder naturally aspirated diesel engine produces an output power of 48.7 PS (35.8 kW; 48.0 HP) at 2,000 RPM. Its compression ratio rating is 16.3:1. The cylinder bore and piston stroke are 107.0 mm (4.21 in). And it produces 183.1 N·m (18.7 kg·m, 134.9 ft·lb) of torque at 1,400 RPM.


The Ford 3600 uses one of two available transmission systems. The first is a gear-type transmission with 6 forward and 2 reverse gears. The second is a synchromesh transmission with a dry disc clutch and 8 forward and 2 reverse gears.

PTO (Power Take-off Shaft)

PTO is used for the smooth transmission of power from the engine to different attachments in a tractor. So the proper power take-off shaft is an important feature for the attachments to work properly.

In Ford 3600, the rear PTO is live and independent and it has a speed of 540/1000 RPM. It also has two-stage clutches which keep you safe while operating the tractor.


The main attachments available with the Ford 3600 utility tractor are Ford 730 and 772 A loaders. 730 loaders have 103 inches Clearance dumped bucket and Ford 772 loader has 98.5 inches Clearance dumped bucket.

Other Features

This two-wheel drive agricultural tractor has a hydraulic capacity of 13-gallon. The hydraulic system of the tractor produces 2,100-psi pressure and pumps fluid at a rate of 8.5-gallons-per-minute. The Ford 3600 model has mechanical expanding shoe brakes and offers power-assisted steering.

Pros Of Ford 3600 Tractor

  • You can easily operate this powerful tractor and it needs low maintenance.
  • Ford 3600 Tractor has a 3-cylinder OHV.
  • Its engine is water-cooled which produces an energy transmission of 40 horsepower.
  • It is available with a Ford-built 175-cubic-inch gas or diesel engine.
  • Ford 3600 Tractor has key features such as Live PTO, hydraulic remote valves, a differential lock, power steering, etc.

Cons Of Ford 3600 Tractor

  • The parts of the Ford 3600 are expensive. So it is not cost-effective if you need to replace one.

Price Of Ford 3600 Tractor

The original price of a 1981 manufactured Ford 3600 tractor was USD 7200. The price of a used Ford 3600 model ranges from USD 3,000 to USD 8000. The accurate price of the tractor depends on its condition and location.

You should properly check the tractor you want to buy as the price depends on the condition of the tractor.

Manufacturing Date

You can identify the date of manufacture from the below table. The serial numbers are written on a flat metal spot above the starter.

975:     C450700

1976:   C490300

1977:   C527300

1978:   C560500

1979:   C595800

1980:   C635700

1981:   C660700


Ford 3600 Tractor

Ford 3600 is a powerful tractor manufactured from 1975 to 1981. This model is still popular and is active in the farms. But it needs hard research to decide on investing in a 40-year-old tractor. Hopefully, the information in this article will be helpful for you to make the right decision on buying the tractor.

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