Ford 641 Tractor Review & Specification

Ford 641

Ford 641 Tractor Review & Specification

Ford 641
Engine Type:
Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline
Transmission & Oil Capacity:
6 qts (5.7 L)
1957 to 1962
Fuel Type:
Gasoline/LP-gas, Diesel

Known as Ford 641 Workmaster, this tractor is a member of the Ford 601 workmaster series. The tractors in this series were specifically used for mowing, baling, loading, and moving. Basically covering the majority of your agricultural needs on your farm. Ford 641 was used to replace the 640 tractor as an agricultural tractor and was manufactured between 1957 and 1962 in Highland Park, Michigan, USA.

Ford 641 Workmaster has the option of a two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive tractor. This is a big tractor that will easily handle more than the average farm tasks without breaking down.

It gives you a lot of options in its various parts including two engine varieties namely a diesel-powered Ford engine and an LP gas-powered Ford EAE red tiger engine. That’s not all, there’s also the opportunity to choose between two transmissions.

This tractor has been around for a long time and you would want to know a couple of things before you consider it. In this guide, you’ll see everything about the Ford 641 Workmaster tractor.

Ford 641 General Specifications

Features of Ford 641 Workmaster

This part is broken down into the various parts of a tractor and the features this tractor possesses.


This is a large tractor judging by its size and ability since it is a utility tractor able to handle more than one activity easily. Ford 641 workmaster is 1490 kg while the height is 58.7 inches. For its length, it is as long as 121.4 inches and as wide as 64.8 inches.

It has a good ground clearance of 21 inches that will allow it to work on different activities without obstruction. Its wheelbase of 78.5 inches is carefully placed to balance the tractor even with its ground clearance.

This tractor that was manufactured between 1957 and 1962 sports an open operator cabin.


Ford 641 is fitted with two engine variances for you to choose from. These variants have slightly different abilities including the fuel they use. The two engine types available are Ford and Ford EAE red tiger. Here are some of their features:

  • Ford EAE red tiger: this is gasoline powered Ford engine fitted to the 641 utility tractor with a horsepower of 48.4 which is more than enough to take on normal farm tasks. Its fuel tank is a whopping 49.2 L so you can work hours on end without the need to refuel. It is a four-cylinder, four-stroke, liquid-cooled engine with a displacement of 2.2 L and a compression ratio of 7.5:1. It is fitted with an electric starter and has an oil and coolant capacity of 4.7 L and 14.2 L respectively
  • Ford: the second engine variant available has a lower horsepower rating at 42.6 and uses diesel to power the engine. Its bore and stroke are 3.54 in × 3.58 in while its compression ratio is 16.6:1. All its other properties are similar to the features of the first engine available.

Transmission and Chassis

The chassis is a 4×2 2WD tractor with good movement and handling for its size. Its steering is manual but it has a power assist steering option to choose from while it uses differential mechanical expanding shoe brakes to control its speed. It is fitted with a dry disc clutch.

There are two transmission types available to choose from. The two transmissions are both unsynchronized gear types but with different fears. The first having 4 forward gears and 1 reverse gear while the second having 12 forward gears and 3 reverse gears.

The forward speed is 25.8 km/h and the reverse speed is 9.7 km/h.


Being a heavy tractor at 1490 kg, it needs tires that can carry its weight well and move it around leaving minimal tire marks as it works on the field.

The ideal tires for the Ford 641 Workmaster are rated: front tires – 5.50-16 while rear tires – 11.00-28. The threads for front tires – 52-80mm while threads for rear tires – 52-76mm.

Pros and Cons of Ford 641


  • Utility tractor: 641 can handle more than just a couple of farm tasks including loading, moving, and mowing
  • Long-lasting: the fact that it is still talked about after over 60 years tells you how durable this tractor is. You will still enjoy it for years to come if you take proper care of it
  • Enough power: this tractor packs a lot of power which will help you do your activities easily
  • Easy to operate: for an old tractor the 641 is easy to operate and understand. You do not need special training to start using it as long as you’ve handled a tractor before


  • Lacks some basic attachments
  • Old


Ford 641 workmaster was going for around $3,000 when it was first released but today, you should get a finely maintained 641 for around $2,000.


Powerful and durable are some of the words you can use to describe this ford utility tractor. The 641 can be an effective acquisition if you don’t mind some old tractor with a little fewer features.

Technical Specifications

Engine Details
Engine Model: Ford EAE Red Tiger
Bore and stroke: 87.0 mm X 91.0 mm (3.43 in X 3.58 in)
Engine type: Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline
Compression ratio: 16.8:1
Cylinders: 4
Horsepower: 43.2 PS (31.8 kW; 42.6 HP) at 2,200 rpm
Fuel type: Gasoline/LP-gas, Diesel
Starter: Electric
Fuel Capacity: 13 gal (49.2 L)
Coolant Capacity: NA
Rated RPM: 2200
Displacement: 2.4 L, 2,360 cm2, (144.0 cu·in)
Intake valve clearance: NA
Torque RPM: 1600
Exhaust valve clearance: NA
Power Details
Drawbar (Claimed):​ NA
Drawbar (Tested): 29.82 hp (22.2 kW)
PTO (Claimed): NA
PTO (Tested): 31.78 hp (23.7 kW)
Belt (Claimed): 32 hp (23.9 kW)
Belt (Tested): 33.65 hp (25.1 kW)
Plows: 2 (14-inch)
Transmission and Chassis​
Chassis: 4×2 2WD
Transmission type: Unsynchronized gear with dry disc clutch
Steering type: Manual or power assist (option)
Gears: 4 forward and 1 reverse
Brakes: Differential mechanical expanding shoe
Speed: Forward: 25.8 km h (16 mph) Reverse: 9.7 km h (6 mph)
Transmission model: NA
Transmission oil capacity: 6 qts (5.7 L)
Dimensions and Tires​
Wheelbase: NA
Front tire: Ag: 5.50-16
Weight: 1,490 kg (3,285 lbs)
Rear tire: Ag: 11-28
Height: 1490 mm (58.7 inches)
Height (Exhaust): NA
Hitch And Attachments​
Mower deck type: NA
Mower deck size: NA
Mid mower deck: NA
Mid mower deck size: NA
Blade type: NA
Blade Width: NA
Hitch type: Rear Type: I
Attachment list: Ford 711 Loader

Quick Overview:

Ford 641
Engine Type:
Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline
Transmission & Oil Capacity:
6 qts (5.7 L)
1957 to 1962
Fuel Type:
Gasoline/LP-gas, Diesel