Ford 8N Tractor Review & Specification

Ford 8N Tractor Review & Specification

Ford 8N Tractor Review & Specification

Ford 8N
Engine Type:
4-cylinder 8-valve liquid-cooled
Transmission & Oil Capacity:
20 qts [18.9 L]
1947 - 1952
Fuel Type:
Gasoline, Distillate

Ford 8N was a popular model of the Ford N-Series tractors. This farm tractor was launched by the Ford Motor Company in 1947. This was the first tractor that had a clutch on the left and independent brakes on the right side. The Ford 8N evolved as the most famous model in the US. And the company sold over 530,000 units of tractors worldwide.

The classic tractor is equipped with a 4-speed transmission, 4-cylinder ‘L head engine’, and has a 3.188 inches cylinder bore. It also has a Maximum drawbar of 23.16hp on 2nd gear, 3.75 inches stroke, constant mesh transmission, etc. The tractor has 92 ft-lbs of torque that causes a rotation of 1,500 rpm.

This old tractor once became the top-selling tractor in America. And is still in demand among the farmers of the 21st century. This post provides accurate information about Ford 8N Tractor including its features, specification, price, etc. So if you are interested in this classic vintage tractor model, read below everything about Ford 8N Tractor.


Features of Ford 8N Tractor

Ford 8N Tractor is a popular farm tractor developed by the Ford Motor Company in 1947. This old tractor is still in demand for its great features. Here are the key features of the Ford 8N model tractor.



The Ford 8N tractor has an L-head type 4-cylinder engine. In this model, all cylinders and the upper half of the crankcase are cast in one piece. The cylinders are made of Steel sleeves that could be easily replaced during the rebuilding of the engine. The distributor is driven directly from the front end of the camshaft.

Transmission System

The Ford 8N tractor provides a smooth and reliable transmission system. There are 4 forward and 1 reverse gear transmission in the system. The constant-mesh helical gears allow smooth transmission. This ensures a noise-free run and long life for the tractor. The power take-off is driven from the transmission countershaft at 1500 RPM.

Hydraulics System

The Ford 8N tractor provides a powerful and reliable hydraulics system. It consists of a piston pump directly driven by the PTO shaft and a self-contained hydraulic unit. This unit includes the ram cylinder and control linkage.

The hydraulic pump and the unit are located in the center housing. And the transmission oil works as the hydraulic fluid. This special type of design reduces the chances of external oil leakage. And this in turn reduces your maintenance costs.

Steering Gear

The steering gear assembly of the 8N Ford tractor is similar to an automotive ball nut. This highly efficient steering gear can be easily serviced if there is any damage and adjustable to change. The smooth steering causes the minimum of road shock that reduces the risk of operator fatigue.

Fuel Tank

The Ford 8N tractor contains a large fuel tank with a capacity of 10 gals (37.9 L). This is perfectly suitable for the long farming work. And there is no need to refuel the tank in the middle of farming operations.


The Ford 8N Tractor is provided with standard tires. The size of the front tire is 4.00 – 19 and the rear tire size is 11.2 – 28. It provides better grip and traction on the field that prevents slippage when you work on the farm.

Pros Of Ford 8N Tractor

  • It is a very reliable tractor built to last for generations.
  • It requires minimal maintenance
  • The efficient steering gear allows easy movement on the field.
  • The standard tires of the tractor provide better grip and traction preventing slippage.
  • Ford 8N Tractor has a large fuel tank, so you can work without refueling for a long time.
  • It provides a powerful and reliable hydraulics system.
  • The Ford 8N tractor provides a smooth and reliable transmission system.

Cons Of Ford 8N Tractor

  • There is no power steering, so one needs strong muscle to operate it.
  • The tractor is not good for a front end loader

Price Of Ford 8N Tractor

The original Price of the 1952 manufactured Ford 8N Tractor was USD 1,404. The price of a used Ford 8N tractor is around USD 1000.

Checklist For Buying A Tractor

You expect your tractor to last for generations. So it is important to buy the tractor in good condition to avoid disappointment. The below things you need to check before buying a tractor.

  • Check how smoothly the tractor starts.
  • Check if the tractor has any leakage.
  • The tractor should not make any unusual noises.
  • There should not be any rust in the tractor.
  • Check the wear and tear of the tractor.

Manufacturing Date

Serial numbers of Ford 8N up to 22238 are stamped on the upper left front corner of the engine block. You’ll find the next serial numbers stamped on the left front side of the transmission housing.

1947   8N1 to 8N37907

1948   8N37908 to 8N141369

1949   8N141370 to 8N245636

1950   8N245637 to 8N343592

1951   8N343593 to 8N442034

1952   8N442035 to 8N524076


The Ford 8N is an old tractor of classic category. It is a reliable and powerful tractor. This article includes all kinds of information about this model. Hopefully, the post will be helpful for you to know more about the Ford 8N tractor.

Technical Specifications

Engine Details
Engine Model: Ford
Bore and stroke: 3.188x3.75 inches [81 x 95 mm]
Engine type: 4-cylinder 8-valve liquid-cooled
Compression ratio: Ford 2.0L 4-cyl gasoline: 6:1 Ford 2.0L 4-cyl distillate: 4.75:1
Cylinders: 4
Horsepower: NA
Fuel type: Gasoline, Distillate
Starter: Electric
Fuel Capacity: 10 gal [37.9 L]
Coolant Capacity: 12 qts [11.4 L]
Rated RPM: 2000
Displacement: 119.7 ci [2.0 L]
Intake valve clearance: 0.011 inches [0.279 mm]
Torque RPM: 1500
Exhaust valve clearance: 0.015 inches [0.381 mm]
Power Details
Drawbar (Claimed):​ 23.16 hp [17.3 kW]
Drawbar (Tested): 21.95 hp [16.4 kW]
PTO (Claimed): 27.32 hp [20.4 kW]
PTO (Tested): 23.24 hp [17.3 kW]
Belt (Claimed): NA
Belt (Tested): 25.77 hp [19.2 kW]
Plows: NA
Transmission and Chassis​
Chassis: 4x2 2WD
Transmission type: constant mesh, Sherman Combination Transmission
Steering type: Mechanical
Gears: 4 forward and 1 reverse, 12 forward and 3 reverse
Brakes: Manual drum
Speed: Forward: 13.6 Mph [21.9 Kmph] Reverse: 6.1 Mph [9.8 Kmph]
Transmission model: NA
Transmission oil capacity: 20 qts [18.9 L]
Dimensions and Tires​
Wheelbase: 70 inches [177 cm]
Front tire: 4.00-19
Weight: 2410 to 2717 pounds
Rear tire: 10-28
Height: 54.5 inches [138 cm]
Height (Exhaust): NA
Hitch And Attachments​
Mower deck type: NA
Mower deck size: NA
Mid mower deck: NA
Mid mower deck size: NA
Blade type: NA
Blade Width: NA
Hitch type: Rear Type: I
Attachment list: NA

Quick Overview:

Ford 8N
Engine Type:
4-cylinder 8-valve liquid-cooled
Transmission & Oil Capacity:
20 qts [18.9 L]
1947 - 1952
Fuel Type:
Gasoline, Distillate