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John Deere 4100 Tractor Review & Specification

The John Deere 4100 tractor is one of the latest tractors designed by John Deere. The production and manufacturing process of this tractor started in 1998 and it continued till 2001. John Deere is one of the most popular brands when it comes to manufacturing tractors. The company has been creating high-quality tractors for years now and the John Deere 4100 Tractor is one of its most prized possessions. It was created by the association of Yanmar and John Deere.

The tractor uses a Yanmar 3TNE74 diesel 3-cylinder liquid-cooled engine. The engine runs on a power of 20 HP and it is rated at 2650 rpm. The coolant capacity of the tractor is 2.4 litres. The tractor has 8 forward and 4 reverse gears. The oil capacity is also more than 8 litres. It is one of the lightest farming tractors available to us. The tractor also comes in a separate narrow version which makes it extremely flexible for advanced farming activities. So, let us check out some of the important features and specifications of the John Deere 4100 tractor.

John Deere 4100 Tractor Review

General specifications of John Deere 4100 tractor:

ModelJohn Deere 4100
Engine modelYanmar 3TNE74
Engine typeFour-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline
Fuel typeDiesel
Oil capacity2.2 L
Coolant capacity2.4 L
Steering typePower
Transmission typePartially synchronized/ Hydrostatic
Hydraulic typeOpen center


General features: The John Deere 4100 model has a length of 2610mm, a width of 1090 mm and a height of 2000 mm. The narrow version has a width of 910 mm. The weight of the tractor is around 700 kg while the fuel capacity 22 litres. The tractor uses a battery of 12 and the cabinet type is Two-post ROPS.

Engine: The engine model used for the tractor is Yanmar 3TNE74. The engine type is a 4-stroke liquid-cooled inline engine. Because of the liquid cooling ability, the engine gets easily cool and you need not have to cool it forcefully by stopping the engine for a particular duration of time. The engine comes with three cylinders and the fuel type used for running the engine is diesel. The displacement is 1L and the compression ratio is 23.5:1. The engine is driven by 20 HP at 2650 rpm. It has an electric starter and the oil capacity is 2.2 litres. The engine also has a really good coolant capacity of 2.4 litres. The engine is highly efficient and allows the tractor to work smoothly even during the harshest conditions.

Transmission: The chassis used by the tractor is 4×4 MFWD 4WD. The tractor also has a power steering type which gives it an added advantage over the other tractors. It also has a differential wet disc brake and mechanical differential lock system. The transmission type is either partially synchronized or hydrostatic. The partially synchronized transmission type has 8 forward and 4 reverse gears. You will get a forward speed of 11 mph and the reverse speed of 5.7 mph. The transmission oil capacity is 8.7 litres for the hydrostatic transmission type. The tractor has infinite forward and reverse gears. The forward speed is 10.6 mph while the reverse speed is 5.3 mph. The transmission oil capacity of the hydrostatic transmission system is 12.5L.

Hydraulic system: The hydraulic type used by the tractor is the open centre type. The pressure is 2418 psi while the total flow is 5.1 gpm.

Power take-off shaft: The tractor has a middle PTO speed of 1000 rpm. The rear type PTO is the gear type for transmission and hydrostatic for independent. The rear PTO speed is 540 rpm.

Various advantages of John Deere 4100 tractor:

  • The tractor comes in two different types of versions which give it an added flexibility. It has a wide as well as a narrow version. The narrow version is extremely suitable for gardening works. You can choose any of the models depending on your requirements.
  • The tractor uses a high-quality engine which is quite powerful the engine is driven on 20 HP which is quite reliable. You will be able to use your engine for prolonged durations of time without having to cool it down manually. This is mainly because of its advanced liquid-cooled system.
  • Both the oil capacity and the coolant capacity of the tractor is really high. This makes it easier for you to drive the tractor for a long duration of time without facing any kind of hindrance.
  • The tractor is also equipped with a really good transmission system because of which power can easily be transmitted to the attachment. 
  • The tractor also has really good quality wheels. This is of extreme importance as the wheels are responsible for supporting the entire weight of the tractor. Because of the good quality wheels, you will also be able to drive your tractor on any kind of land surfaces.
  • The tractor is extremely suitable for modern farming. You will be able to carry out all your farming activities using the John Deere 4100 tractor.

Various disadvantages of John Deere 4100 tractor:

  • The tractor sometimes produces a loud noise which can be quite disturbing. This mainly happens when the attachments are not properly fixed to the body of the vehicle. You can take your car for maintenance if you feel that the noise is too loud for you.
  • The tractor parts are also quite difficult to find in the market. In case any of your parts get damaged, you will have to go from vendor to vendor looking for the exact part for your vehicle.
  • The spare parts can also be quite expensive. You will also have to make sure that you are purchasing authentic car parts.

What is the price of the John Deere 4100 tractor?

John Deere 4100 Tractor

The price of the tractor is not constant. The price has always been changing. When it was first manufactured, the original price of the tractor was $44,000 which makes it quite an expensive purchase. However, with time, the price increased gradually. Today, you will find the tractor at different prices from different vendors. So, you must make it a point to talk to at least 2 to 3 vendors before you actually decide to purchase the tractor. You must also check out the features of the tractor before purchasing them. Different models of the tractor also have a different price range. You can also get the tractor at a cheaper price if you buy it second-hand.

And these were the specifications of the John Deere 4100 tractor. For any other information related to the tractor, do let us know of it.

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