John Deere 425 Tractor Review & Specification

john deere 425

John Deere 425 Tractor Review & Specification

John Deere
John Deere 425
Engine Type:
liquid-cooled horizontal-shaft V-twin
Transmission & Oil Capacity:
2WS Oil capacity: 7 qts [6.6 L], AWS Oil capacity: 6 qts [5.7 L]
1992 - 2001
Fuel Type:

The John Deere 425 tractor is a part of the very popular version of the John Deere 400 series. It is one of the best quality garden tractors that are trending in the market even today. These tractors are highly innovative and also provide excellent performance. They make the entire task of modern gardening and mowing a lot easier. They have always exceeded the expectations of the people and are known to deliver excellent results. So, let us check the various features, specifications and pros and cons of the John Deere 425 tractor.

John Deere 425 Tractor Review

When were the John Deere 425 tractors first manufactured?

The John Deere 425 tractors started being produced between 1992 and 2001. These lawn and garden tractors have been immensely popular since they are mostly known for their outstanding ability to handle different types of garden task. They are also capable of integrating all kinds of advanced attachments like front-end loader, plows, snowblowers, etc. This makes them a favorite of thousands of gardeners out there. These tractors are also loaded with advanced and useful features. A few of the popular attachments have been listed below:

  • John Deere 60-inch mower deck
  • John Deere 54-inch mower deck
  • John Deere 48-inch mower deck
  • John Deere 44-inch mower deck
  • John Deere blade
  • John Deere snowblower

Various features of John Deere 425:

Various features of John Deere 425

As already mentioned, this garden tractor has loads of amazing features that make it an excellent choice. Let have a glance at a few of the most important features:

Engine: The tractor has a powerful 4-stroke Kawasaki engine. It has 20 hp and is also quite small and compact. It has v-twin liquid-cooled cylinders that help to make operations extremely smooth. The engine also allows easy maintenance. All the parts of the vehicle are mostly static and do not move around easily which cause fewer breakdowns. The engine of the John Deere 425 is liquid-cooled. Its two cylinders have 3550 RPM and the displacement is 35.7 CI. The oil filters are completely replaceable. The lubrication system is also quite advanced. However, the spare part of this tractor is quite rare and is not very easily found in the market.

Transmission: The John Deere 425 just like other John Deere 400 series has a hydrostatic transmission system. The transmission system can be enabled by the highly advanced gasoline engine. It also has a PTO shaft engine which is horizontal. This system will allow the different attachments to be used to the best of their ability. The transmission system also has excellent forward and reverse control of the actual ground speed. There is a no-clutch shifting system. The attachments are held to the body of the vehicle by means of a 3-point rear hitch. The tractor is extremely well known for its flexibility and its versatility. It is most suitable for all kinds of gardening activities.

Steering: The John Deere 425 tractor is said to have a power steering that provides extraordinary comfort to the tractor driver. Using the power steering, you will be able to make quick turns and easily navigate through the region. The steering also comes with a tilt capacity. It allows up and down tilts thus making it suitable for all kinds of garden usage. This makes your mowing session all the more comfortable and enjoyable. It also comes with an advanced cruise control system that allows gardeners to speed on the vast stretches of land. The two-wheel steering system can also be upgraded to the four-wheel steering system. The four-wheel steering system has the ability to smoothly rotate into each of the turns. This can shorten the radius.

Land mower deck: The 54-inches land mower deck is another feature of this tractor. It comes with 48 and 60-inch options. The larger deck allows you to cut more grass at one go while the smaller deck enables a comfortable maneuver.

Power take-off shaft: Both front, as well as rear PTO, is independent and comes with a hydraulic clutch. The speed is 2000 rpm for front PTO and 450 rpm for rear PTO.

Advantages of the John Deere 425 tractor:

  • The tractor is extremely versatile and is also quite flexible.
  • It is strong and has a durable framework that may last for years.
  • It is also pocket-friendly and is known for its high-quality parts.
  • The turning radius is quite outstanding. It is an excellent commercial grade tractor for farming and gardening purposes.
  • Its PTO shaft is quite reliable.
  • The engine is also highly powerful and stays in excellent condition for years.
  • All the parts function extremely smoothly that will allow you to cut grass in a completely hassle-free manner.
  • It is completely dependable which makes gardening and mowing a fun and entertaining task.

Disadvantages of John Deere 425 tractor:

  • The plastic parts of the tractor can sometimes break down easily.
  • The spare parts are difficult to find and can also be quite expensive.
  • It is quite a tricky affair to handle the tractor during the winter months.
  • The mower decks can also sometimes break down.
  • The tractor has 2-wheel power which has to be explicitly upgraded to the four-wheel-drive if required.

And these were the advantages, disadvantages, features and specifications of the John Deere 425 tractor. Surprisingly, even after years of being manufactured, the tractor is still one of the most popular garden tractors in the market and it has always been among the top priorities of gardeners. I hope my review will give you a clear insight into what the tractor is all about and why should you consider buying it in the first place. If there is something that you would like to add to the review, do let us know of them and we will integrate them in our review.

Technical Specifications

Engine Details
Engine Model: Kawasaki FD620D
Bore and stroke: 2.992x2.68 inches [76 x 68 mm]
Engine type: liquid-cooled horizontal-shaft V-twin
Compression ratio: 9:1
Cylinders: 2
Horsepower: 20 hp [14.9 kW]
Fuel type: Gasoline
Starter: Electric
Fuel Capacity: 6.5 gal [24.6 L]
Coolant Capacity: 3 qts [2.8 L]
Rated RPM: 3550
Displacement: 617 cc [37.7 ci]
Intake valve clearance: NA
Torque RPM: 1450-3550
Exhaust valve clearance: NA
Power Details
Drawbar (Claimed):​ NA
Drawbar (Tested): NA
PTO (Claimed): NA
PTO (Tested): NA
Belt (Claimed): NA
Belt (Tested): NA
Plows: NA
Transmission and Chassis​
Chassis: 4x2 2WD
Transmission type: shaft-driven hydrostatic
Steering type: Power, Four-wheel steering [optional]
Gears: infinite forward and reverse
Brakes: Wet Disc
Speed: Forward: 7.3 Mph [11.7 Kmph] Reverse: 4.0 Mph [6.4 Kmph]
Transmission model: Tuff Torq K91
Transmission oil capacity: 2WS Oil capacity: 7 qts [6.6 L], AWS Oil capacity: 6 qts [5.7 L]
Dimensions and Tires​
Wheelbase: 2WS Wheelbase: 50.4 inches [128 cm], AWS Wheelbase: 49.4 inches [125 cm]
Front tire: 16x7.50-8
Weight: 805 to 900 pounds
Rear tire: 23x10.50-12
Height: 45.9 inches [116 cm]
Height (Exhaust): NA
Hitch And Attachments​
Mower deck type: John Deere BM17205, John Deere BM17206, John Deere BM17220,
Mower deck size: 48 inches [121 cm], 54 inches [137 cm], 60 inches [152 cm]
Mid mower deck: NA
Mid mower deck size: NA
Blade type: John Deere 1490M front-mount
Blade Width: 54 inches [137 cm]
Hitch type: Rear Type: 0 (Opt)
Attachment list: 48" mid-mount mower deck, 54" mid-mount mower deck, 60" mid-mount mower deck, Snowblower, Blade, Front-end loader

Quick Overview:

John Deere
John Deere 425
Engine Type:
liquid-cooled horizontal-shaft V-twin
Transmission & Oil Capacity:
2WS Oil capacity: 7 qts [6.6 L], AWS Oil capacity: 6 qts [5.7 L]
1992 - 2001
Fuel Type: