John Deere 4520 Tractor Review & Specification

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John Deere 4520 Tractor Review & Specification

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The John Deere 4520 Tractor is a reliable and versatile agricultural vehicle designed to meet the demanding needs of farmers and landowners. In this article, we will provide an in-depth review and specification of the John Deere 4520 Tractor, highlighting its key features, performance, comfort, durability, attachments, and customer feedback.

The John Deere 4520 Tractor is known for its powerful performance and advanced technology, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. It boasts a robust build quality and a durable frame design that can withstand tough working conditions. With its ergonomic operator station and user-friendly controls, the 4520 Tractor ensures comfort and ease of operation for long hours.

The John Deere 4520 Tractor comes equipped with several notable features, including a powerful engine, efficient hydraulic and transmission system, and a range of attachments and implements that enhance its versatility. These features contribute to its outstanding performance, productivity, and efficiency in various agricultural tasks.

The John Deere 4520 Tractor has specific specifications that make it suitable for different applications. These specifications include the engine power and torque, hydraulic system capacity, and transmission system options. By understanding the specifications, users can determine if the 4520 Tractor meets their specific requirements.

Throughout this article, we will dive deeper into each aspect of the John Deere 4520 Tractor, discussing its performance, efficiency, comfort, durability, and available attachments. We will also provide insights from customer reviews and feedback, enabling readers to make an informed decision about this versatile agricultural machine.

Overview of John Deere 4520 Tractor

Get ready to dive into the world of the powerful John Deere 4520 Tractor! In this section, we’ll take an exciting overview of this remarkable machine and discover the key features that set it apart. Hold tight as we explore the specifications that make the John Deere 4520 Tractor a true force to be reckoned with. Get ready to be impressed by its performance, durability, and unmatched capabilities. Let’s get started on this thrilling journey!

Key Features of John Deere 4520 Tractor

The key features of the John Deere 4520 Tractor make it a versatile and efficient machine for various agricultural tasks.

  • Powerful Engine: The 4520 tractor is equipped with a high-performance engine, delivering ample power and torque for demanding jobs.
  • Advanced Transmission System: It features a smooth and responsive transmission system, allowing for precise control and easy shifting.
  • Hydraulic System: The tractor’s hydraulic system offers excellent lifting capacity and responsiveness, enabling efficient operation of implements.
  • Operator-Friendly Controls: The tractor’s controls are designed with the operator’s comfort and convenience in mind, ensuring ease of use and reduced fatigue.
  • Durable Build Quality: With its robust frame design and high-quality construction, the 4520 tractor is built to withstand tough working conditions and provide long-lasting reliability.
  • Easy Maintenance: The tractor is designed for easy maintenance and serviceability, allowing for quick and hassle-free routine upkeep.

Specifications of John Deere 4520 Tractor

The specifications of the John Deere 4520 tractor are truly impressive, making it a reliable and efficient machine for various tasks. One of its key features is its powerful engine that delivers a horsepower of X and a torque of Y, ensuring reliable performance even in demanding conditions. The tractor is equipped with efficient hydraulic and transmission systems, allowing for smooth operation of attachments and seamless shifting between gears. Additionally, the tractor’s operator station is designed for comfort and convenience, with ergonomic controls and seating. Its durable build quality, thanks to the high-quality frame design, ensures longevity, and its serviceability features make maintenance a breeze. With all these specifications, the John Deere 4520 tractor is an excellent choice for agricultural and landscaping applications.

Performance and Efficiency of John Deere 4520 Tractor

Looking under the hood of the John Deere 4520 Tractor, we’ll be diving into the powerhouse performance and unmatched efficiency that this machine brings to the table. Get ready to rev your engines as we explore the sub-sections that will cover Engine Power and Torque, Hydraulic System, and Transmission System. Strap in and discover the impressive capabilities of the John Deere 4520 Tractor as we explore its unparalleled performance and efficiency.

Engine Power and Torque

The engine power and torque of the John Deere 4520 Tractor are vital aspects to consider when assessing its performance. With a robust engine, this tractor offers ample power and torque to handle a variety of tasks, including tilling, mowing, and hauling. The power output of the engine determines the tractor’s ability to overcome resistance and maintain speed, while torque influences its capacity to generate pulling force. The John Deere 4520 Tractor is specifically designed to deliver optimal engine power and torque, ensuring efficient and effective operation in various agricultural applications.

The engine power and torque of the John Deere 4520 Tractor play a pivotal role in its overall performance and productivity. Farmers and agricultural workers can depend on its powerful engine to effortlessly tackle demanding tasks and achieve desired results efficiently.

Consider exploring other John Deere tractor models to discover the ideal match for your specific needs and requirements.

Hydraulic System

The Hydraulic System of the John Deere 4520 Tractor is ingeniously designed to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. This remarkable system comprises a hydraulic pump, valves, cylinders, and hoses that work harmoniously together to provide power to various implements and attachments. With its smooth and precise control, operators can effortlessly lift and lower heavy loads with ease. Another noteworthy feature of the hydraulic system is its high-pressure filtration system, which guarantees clean and dependable operation. Powered by advanced technology and boasting a robust design, the hydraulic system of the John Deere 4520 Tractor offers unparalleled power and versatility for a wide range of agricultural tasks.

Fun fact: The mighty hydraulic system of the John Deere 4520 Tractor is capable of generating enough force to effortlessly lift and carry loads weighing several thousand pounds.

Transmission System

The transmission system, an integral part of the John Deere 4520 tractor, is of utmost importance as it guarantees smooth operation and efficient power delivery. This system is equipped with multiple gears, both forward and reverse speeds, enabling versatile performance across various tasks. Specifically designed to handle heavy loads, it ensures optimal torque distribution to the wheels, providing maximum traction and efficiency. Additionally, the transmission system boasts advanced technology that allows for seamless shifting and precise control. The John Deere 4520 tractor, with its dependable and long-lasting transmission system, delivers exceptional performance in diverse agricultural applications.

In fact, the transmission system of the John Deere 4520 tractor is meticulously engineered to withstand rigorous use and offer unparalleled durability. It ensures years of reliable service, making it a trusted choice for farmers and agricultural professionals alike.

Comfort and Convenience

When it comes to the John Deere 4520 Tractor, comfort and convenience are top priorities. Let’s dive into the operator station and controls, seating and ergonomics, as well as sound and vibration in this section. Get ready to discover how these features make a difference in enhancing the overall experience of operating this impressive tractor. No more discomfort or inconvenience – it’s all about maximizing efficiency and enjoyment on the field.

Operator Station and Controls

The operator station and controls of the John Deere 4520 tractor offer operators both comfort and ease of use. These key features should be considered:

  • Ergonomic design: The operator station considers the operator’s comfort by providing adjustable seating and controls that are easy to reach.
  • Intuitive controls: The tractor’s controls are conveniently located and user-friendly, enabling operators to navigate and operate the tractor effortlessly.
  • Visibility: The operator station is designed to ensure excellent visibility, allowing operators to have a clear view of the attachments and surrounding areas.
  • Noise reduction: The tractor is equipped with sound-dampening features to minimize noise and vibration, creating a quieter and more comfortable operating environment for operators.
  • Climate control: The tractor’s operator station is equipped with climate control features, allowing operators to regulate the temperature and enhancing their comfort in various weather conditions.

Seating and Ergonomics

Seating and ergonomics are key considerations when evaluating the comfort and convenience of the John Deere 4520 Tractor. The tractor is equipped with adjustable seating, allowing operators to find their preferred position for optimal comfort during long hours of operation.
The placement and design of the controls are ergonomically designed, ensuring ease of use and reducing operator fatigue. Additionally, the tractor is designed with excellent visibility, providing a clear view of the surroundings to enhance safety and efficiency. The seating is also designed to minimize discomfort from excessive noise and vibrations, improving operator comfort.

To further enhance the seating and ergonomics of the John Deere 4520 Tractor, operators may consider adding cushioning or additional accessories for personalized comfort.

Sound and Vibration

The sound and vibration of the John Deere 4520 Tractor are carefully considered to enhance operator comfort and productivity. This tractor is specifically designed with features that effectively minimize noise and vibrations during its operation. To achieve this, the operator station is equipped with sound-dampening materials and insulation which effectively reduce noise levels. Additionally, the tractor’s suspension system and seat are meticulously designed to provide exceptional shock absorption, effectively minimizing any vibrations felt by the operator. The overall reduction in sound and vibration greatly contributes to a more comfortable working environment, enabling operators to fully concentrate on their tasks without any distractions or fatigue.

Durability and Maintenance

Discover the heart of the John Deere 4520 Tractor as we dive into the Durability and Maintenance section. Unveiling the secrets behind its impeccable Build Quality and Frame Design, we’ll explore how this incredible machine stands the test of time. Get ready to explore the Ease of Maintenance and Serviceability, where we uncover the user-friendly features that keep this powerhouse running smoothly. So, buckle up and embark on a journey of reliability and ease with the John Deere 4520 Tractor.

Build Quality and Frame Design

The durability and reliability of the John Deere 4520 tractor are heavily influenced by the build quality and frame design, making them vital factors to consider.

  • Constructed from high-quality materials, the tractor boasts a robust and sturdy frame.
  • Its design is tailored to endure heavy usage and deliver long-lasting performance.
  • The superior build quality ensures that the tractor can tackle demanding tasks and rough terrains without compromising its structural integrity.
  • Featuring a well-designed frame, the tractor provides stability, balance, and reduced vibrations for smooth operation.
  • Additionally, the frame design allows easy access to crucial components, facilitating maintenance and serviceability.

John Deere has a longstanding reputation for manufacturing agricultural machinery with outstanding build quality and meticulously planned frame designs. Drawing on decades of experience and innovation, John Deere consistently prioritizes durability and performance to ensure that their tractors can endure the challenges of farming operations and effectively meet the needs of farmers worldwide. The build quality and frame design of the John Deere 4520 tractor perfectly exemplify this commitment to excellence.

Ease of Maintenance and Serviceability

When considering the ease of maintenance and serviceability of the John Deere 4520 Tractor, there are several key features to take into account.

  • Build Quality and Frame Design: The tractor is designed with durable materials and a sturdy frame, which contributes to the ease of maintenance and serviceability.
  • The tractor is equipped with easily accessible components and parts, providing ease in performing quick and efficient maintenance and service tasks.

These features greatly enhance the overall ease of maintenance and serviceability of the John Deere 4520 Tractor, ensuring that users can effortlessly keep their equipment in excellent condition.

Attachments and Implements for John Deere 4520 Tractor

Looking to enhance the functionality and versatility of your John Deere 4520 Tractor? Look no further! In this section, we’ll explore the world of attachments and implements that perfectly complement your tractor. Discover the array of compatible options available and uncover the optimal use cases for these additions. Whether you’re seeking to boost productivity on the farm or tackle specific tasks with ease, we’ve got you covered with this comprehensive overview of attachments and implements for the John Deere 4520 Tractor.

Compatible Implements and Attachments

When considering compatible implements and attachments for the John Deere 4520 Tractor, it is important to assess the specific needs and tasks to be performed. Here are some options to choose from:

  • Front-end loader: Ideal for tasks such as loading and digging.
  • Backhoe: Useful for excavation and digging tasks.
  • Mower deck: Allows for efficient mowing of large areas.
  • Tiller: Perfect for tilling soil in gardens or agricultural applications.
  • Snowblower: Essential for clearing snow during winter months.
  • Bale spear: Designed for lifting and transporting bales of hay or straw.

Considering the specific implements and attachments that are compatible with your requirements will ensure optimal use and efficiency of the John Deere 4520 Tractor.

Optimal Use Cases

The John Deere 4520 Tractor can be used in a variety of optimal use cases, making it a versatile machine for different tasks.

  • Farming: With its powerful engine and hydraulic system, the 4520 Tractor is ideal for agricultural tasks such as plowing, tilling, harvesting, and baling.
  • Landscaping: This tractor is well-suited for landscaping jobs like mowing large areas, grading land, and transporting heavy materials.
  • Construction: The 4520 Tractor can handle construction projects such as digging, hauling construction materials, and operating attachments like loaders and backhoes.
  • Grounds maintenance: Whether it's maintaining parks, golf courses, or public spaces, this tractor is efficient in tasks like mowing, aerating, and spreading fertilizers.

A true The John Deere 4520 Tractor has been used in various industries since its release, providing reliable performance and versatility for optimal use cases. Its robust design and powerful capabilities have made it a favorite among farmers, landscapers, construction workers, and grounds maintenance crews. Over the years, it has earned a reputation for its durability, ease of use, and ability to tackle a wide range of tasks. The 4520 Tractor continues to be a trusted companion for professionals in different fields.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

When considering the purchase of a John Deere 4520 tractor, it’s crucial to take into account customer reviews and feedback. Customer reviews and feedback can offer valuable insights into the tractor’s performance and reliability. Here are a few important factors to consider:

  • Reliability: It is important to check if customers mention any issues or breakdowns they have experienced with the tractor. By looking for patterns in these reviews, you can assess the overall reliability of the John Deere 4520.
  • Performance: To understand how well the tractor performs in different tasks such as plowing, mowing, or hauling, it is recommended to read customer reviews. Their feedback will give you a better idea of the tractor’s capabilities.
  • Comfort: Customer reviews often mention the comfort level of the tractor, including factors like seat comfort, noise level, and overall ergonomic design. This feedback can help you assess whether the tractor is comfortable for long hours of operation.
  • Service and Support: Paying attention to customer feedback about the company’s customer service and support is crucial. This aspect can greatly impact your ownership experience, so it is important to consider reviews related to service and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the specifications of the John Deere 4520 tractor?

The John Deere 4520 tractor has a length of 3,250 mm, a width of 1,660 mm, and a height of 2,460 mm for the ROPS version and 2,340 mm for the Cab version. It has a wheelbase of 1,810 mm and weighs 1,750 kg for the ROPS version and 1,970 kg for the Cab version.

2. What is the engine power of the John Deere 4520?

The John Deere 4520 is equipped with a four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine that has a horsepower output ranging from 53.9 PS to 60.8 PS depending on the year of manufacture.

3. What are the transmission options available for the John Deere 4520?

The John Deere 4520 offers two transmission options: a power shuttle transmission with 12 forward and 12 reverse gears, and a hydrostatic transmission with infinite 3-range forward and reverse gears.

4. How many units of the John Deere 4520 were built?

A total of 7,894 units of the John Deere 4520 were built, with 1,666 equipped with Powershift and 6,228 with Synchro range transmissions.

5. What was the original price of the John Deere 4520 tractor?

The original price of the John Deere 4520 tractor in 1972 was $11,600.

6. Did the John Deere 4520 have a factory-installed turbocharger?

Yes, the John Deere 4520 was the first Deere tractor to have a factory-installed turbocharger, although early versions had

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