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John Deere A Tractor Review & Specification

John Deere is one such brand that is known for its quality. It has been producing some of the best quality tractors for years now. The tractors are excellent for commercial, agricultural and residential field works. They have produced a huge array of machines over the years. All the tractors are of really good quality and are highly recommended by the farmers. Every single part of the tractors is highly durable. You will also get various other agricultural machinery and equipment from John Deere.

John Deere A is a very popular model of the John Deere version. The production of the A series tractors started a very long time ago in 1934. The tractor is extremely remarkable for its time. It is a row crop tractor that became so popular that it lasted for almost 20 years until 1952. This is something quite uncommon for a tractor. The John Deere A tractor has 25 hp. It might not seem to be that powerful today but it could solve all farming-related problems during its time.

The John Deere AR tractor was actually produced between 1935 and 1948. There are multiple variations of this tractor. The John Deere AO model was specially designed for the orchards. It had a streamlined design which allowed it to get really close to the trees. The John Deere AI version was made for commercial use. It is completely painted yellow. The AN model is also quite popular. The tractor has a single row of front wheels and is a great tractor for row crops.

John Deere A Tractor Review

Different variants of the John Deere A tractors:

ARStandard front axle
AOSnarrow orchard
AWAdjustable wide-front
ANSingle front wheel
AWHHigh-crop, adjustable wide-front
ANHHigh-crop, single-front wheel

General Specifications of the John Deere A tractor:

ModelJohn Deere A
Engine2-cylinder 4-valve liquid-cooled horizontal
Starter typemanual
Oil capacity8.8 L
Coolant capacity36 L
Transmission typeUnsynchronized gear
Gears4 forward and 1 reverse
Clutchdry disc
Rear PTOtransmission
Rear RPM540
Chassis:4x2 2WD
Brakesdifferential mechanical expanding shoe


Let us go through some of the most relevant features of the John Deere A tractor:

Engine: John Deere A comes with an all-fuel 2-cylinders 4-valves liquid cooled horizontal engine. The displacement is 5.1 litres. The boar/stroke is 140 x 165 mm. It has an oil bath air cleaner and the compression ratio is 4.45:1. The engine has a rated rpm of 975. The oil capacity is 8.8 litres while the coolant capacity is 36 litres. It has an intake valve clearance of 0.508 mm and an exhaust valve clearance of 0.508 mm. The point gap is 0.533 mm.

Power: The tractor has a belt power of 24.7 hp. It has a Belt fuel use of 9.1 l/hour. The power has a rated engine speed of 23.6 hp. The fuel use is 8.7 l/hour. For drawer performance, the maximum power is 18.72 hp. This makes it quite a powerful tractor for its time. You will be able to carry out all your farming activities without any kinds of problem using the John Deere tractor. You will also not have to get your parts replaced regularly.

Transmission: The transmission system ensures that power is properly transmitted to the various components of the tractor. The transmission type used by the tractor is unsynchronized gear types. There are 4 forward and 1 reverse gear. The tractor uses a dry disc type clutch. This makes it quite reliable and efficient and you will have no problem driving the tractors even in uneven situations. You will also be able to make use of all the attachments that come with it. The chassis is 4×2  2WD type. The tractor uses manual steering. It has a differential mechanical expanding shoe brake. The cabinet is open operator station type which has steel pan seats.

PTO: The PTO or the power take-off shaft is another important aspect of the tractor that you must take into consideration before you make your purchase. For the John Deere A tractor, the rear PTO is transmission type while the rear RPM is 540. This gives the tractor a very good performance.

Dimensions: The length of the tractor is 3140 mm, the width is 2100 mm, while the height is 1520 mm. The tractor has a weight of 1715 kg. The other tractors of the series have slightly different dimensions. However, the basic structure is the same for all of them.

Pros of the John Deere A tractor

  • The John Deere A series tractor is known for its durability. No matter how many times you use the tractor in a week, it will still give you outstanding service. 
  • Your tractor will help you to carry out your farming activities on all kinds of planes. Whether you live on a plain landscape or in a hilly area, your job will be done comfortably.
  • The tractor is also relatively powerful for its time. You will be able to do all kinds of basic farming activities in a hassle-free manner.
  • The transmission system is also so quite powerful. By making use of the transmission system, you can use all your attachments to the best of your ability.

Cons of the John Deere A tractor

  • The engine is not powerful enough to carry out all modern-day farming activities. It only gives 25 HP. As a result, you can only carry out some basic farming works using the tractor.
  • The tractor also has manual steering which is another disadvantage. All the present-day tractors come with hydrostatic power steering using which you will be able to comfortably drive your tractor without giving any stress to your back.
  • The tractor parts are quite difficult to find in the market. So, if any of your parts get damaged, you may not find it easily.
  • The tractor itself is really difficult to find as it was manufactured decades ago. You can try getting the tractor second-hand from a tractor dealer.

Summing Up

John Deere A Tractor

As you can see, although the John Deere A tractor was manufactured years ago, it is still very popular among farmers. Although you may not be able to use it effectively for all your farming needs, you can easily use the tractor for basic farming activities. The tractor is also quite suitable for long-term use. The price of the tractor is also quite affordable. So, if your requirements are mostly basic and you are in search of a high-quality tractor to meet all your requirements, then the John Deere A tractor is definitely perfect for you.

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