John Deere GT275 Tractor Review & Specification

John Deere GT275

John Deere GT275 Tractor Review & Specification

John Deere
John Deere GT275
Kawasaki FC540V
Engine Type:
four-stroke, air-cooled
Transmission & Oil Capacity:
4.3 L (1.1 US. gal, 0.9 Imp. gal.)
1995 to 1998
Fuel Type:

John Deere, a name synonymous with quality and innovation in the agricultural industry, has a rich history that dates back to 1837. With a legacy spanning over a century and a half, John Deere has consistently been at the forefront of manufacturing top-of-the-line agricultural machinery. The John Deere GT275 is a highly regarded lawn and garden tractor belonging to the John Deere GT series. Produced at the renowned John Deere Horicon Works plant in Horicon, Wisconsin, USA, this tractor enjoyed a production run from 1995 to 1998.

The John Deere GT275 is powered by a robust air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke Kawasaki FC540V gasoline engine, with its vertical PTO shaft, the GT275 is capable of driving a variety of attachments, making it a versatile machine for lawn and garden tasks.

Equipped with the “Tuff Torq K70B” hydrostatic transmission, the John Deere GT275 offers infinite forward and reverse gears. This transmission system allows for seamless and effortless control, enabling operators to navigate various terrains with ease.

Features Of John Deere GT275 Tractor

John Deere GT275

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The GT275’s versatility and performance make it an ideal choice for homeowners and garden enthusiasts. Its ability to handle a range of tasks, from mowing and hauling to light landscaping, offers convenience and efficiency. Let’s learn in-depth more about the prominent features of this tractor:


The John Deere GT275 lawn tractor is equipped with a powerful and reliable air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke Kawasaki FC540V gasoline engine, which serves as the heart of this impressive machine. The FC540V engine features an overhead valve (OHV) design, ensuring efficient combustion and improved fuel economy. With a cast-iron cylinder liner and reciprocating balancer, this engine is built to withstand the demands of lawn and garden work while providing smooth and vibration-free operation.

The engine’s displacement of 535 cc (32.65 cu-in), achieved through an 89.0 mm (3.5 in) cylinder bore and 86.0 mm (3.39 in) piston stroke, delivers ample power and torque for a wide range of lawn care tasks. The compression ratio rating of 8.3:1 enhances the engine’s performance and fuel efficiency, allowing operators to accomplish their gardening duties effectively and economically.

With a power output of 17.0 HP (12.7 kW) at 3,600 rpm, the Kawasaki FC540V engine provides reliable and consistent horsepower, ensuring the GT275 has the strength to handle various lawn care activities. The engine’s torque rating of 36.7 Nm (3.74 kg·m; 27.08 ft·lb) at 2,400 rpm contributes to the tractor’s ability to tackle challenging terrain and heavy-duty tasks with ease.

The float-type carburetor with a fixed main jet optimizes fuel delivery, promoting smooth engine operation and excellent throttle response. The flywheel magneto transistor type ignition system ensures reliable starting and ignition performance, even under demanding conditions.


The John Deere GT275 tractor is equipped with a reliable and efficient hydrostatic transmission, specifically the Tuff Torq K70B model. The hydrostatic transmission of the GT275 enables variable speed control, providing the operator with precise control over the ground speed. With a maximum forward speed of up to 11.3 kmh (7.0 mph) and a reverse speed of up to 6.4 kmh (4.0 mph).

The benefits of hydrostatic transmission are numerous. Its smooth and seamless operation eliminates the need for clutching and shifting gears, resulting in less fatigue for the operator. This makes the GT275 tractor easy to operate, even for those with limited experience. The variable speed control allows for precise maneuvering, ensuring efficient performance in different lawn and garden conditions.

Furthermore, hydrostatic transmission requires minimal maintenance compared to traditional gear transmissions. With fewer moving parts, there is reduced wear and tear, resulting in a longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs.

Other General Features

The John Deere GT275 boasts several noteworthy mechanical features that enhance its functionality and user experience. It is equipped with internal wet disc brakes, ensuring reliable stopping power and safety. The manual steering provides precise control and maneuverability, allowing operators to easily navigate through intricate paths and landscapes.

With its open operator station, the GT275 prioritizes comfort and convenience. Operators can enjoy excellent visibility and a comfortable seating position, reducing fatigue during long hours of operation. Additionally, the tractor’s 10.4 L (2.75 gallons) fuel tank capacity ensures extended working periods without the need for frequent refueling.

List of Serial Numbers

The serial number of the John Deere GT275 can be found above the drawbar at the rear of the Tractor.

The serial number of the tractor is written adjacent to the year of its manufacture:

  • 1995 045001
  • 1996 055001
  • 1997 070001
  • 1998 090001

Pros and Cons

Here are some factual pros and cons considering the overall John Deere GT275.

Pros of John Deere GT275

  • It is built with high-quality materials and components, ensuring longevity and withstanding the rigors of regular use.
  • The GT275 tractor offers versatility in performing various lawn and garden tasks. It can handle tasks such as mowing, hauling, and light landscaping, making it a valuable asset for homeowners with diverse landscaping needs.
    With its ergonomic design and user-friendly features, the GT275 tractor provides a comfortable operating experience.
  • The GT275 tractor features a reliable cutting system that provides a clean and even cut. Its mower deck is designed to handle various grass conditions, ensuring a well-maintained lawn appearance.

Cons Of John Deere GT275 Tractor

  • The GT275 tractor’s maximum ground speed may be considered relatively slower compared to some other models in its class.
  •  While John Deere is known for producing reliable equipment, periodic maintenance, repairs, and the cost of genuine John Deere parts may be relatively higher compared to some other brands.

Price of John Deere GT275 Tractor

The original price of the John Deere GT275 tractor was $4,999 in 1995. The price of a used tractor can depend upon the condition of its engine and other mechanical components.


The John Deere GT275 tractor is a reliable and versatile machine designed for homeowners with diverse lawn and garden needs. With its durable construction, comfortable operation, and smooth performance, it offers an excellent solution for maintaining lawns with ease. While it may have some limitations in terms of speed and compatibility with specialized attachments, the GT275 remains a trustworthy choice for residential use. Overall, this tractor provides the reliability and functionality needed to achieve well-maintained and beautiful outdoor spaces.

Technical Specifications

Engine Details
Engine Model: Kawasaki FC540V
Bore and stroke: 89.0 x 86.0 mm (3.5 x 3.39 in)
Engine type: four-stroke, air-cooled
Compression ratio: NA
Cylinders: 1
Horsepower: 17.0 HP (12.7 kW)
Fuel type: Gasoline
Starter: Electric starter
Fuel Capacity: NA
Coolant Capacity: NA
Rated RPM: 3600
Displacement: 535 cc (32.65 cu-in)
Intake valve clearance: NA
Torque RPM: NA
Exhaust valve clearance: NA
Power Details
Drawbar (Claimed):​ NA
Drawbar (Tested): NA
PTO (Claimed): NA
PTO (Tested): NA
Belt (Claimed): NA
Belt (Tested): NA
Plows: NA
Transmission and Chassis​
Chassis: 4×2 (2WD)
Transmission type: Hydrostatic transmission (Tuff Torq K70B)
Steering type: manual steering
Gears: Infinite forward and reverse
Brakes: Internal wet disc brakes
Speed: Forward: up to 11.3 kmh (7.0 mph), Reverse: up to 6.4 kmh (4.0 mph)
Transmission model: NA
Transmission oil capacity: 4.3 L (1.1 US. gal, 0.9 Imp. gal.)
Dimensions and Tires​
Wheelbase: 1,210 mm (47.7 in)
Front tire: Lawn/turf: 16×6.50-8
Weight: 232 kg (513 lbs)
Rear tire: Lawn/turf: 23×10.50-12
Height: 1,090 mm (43 in)
Height (Exhaust): NA
Hitch And Attachments​
Mower deck type: Mid-mount
Mower deck size: 44 inches, 48 inches
Mid mower deck: NA
Mid mower deck size: NA
Blade type: Front-mount
Blade Width: 42 inches
Hitch type: NA
Attachment list: 44" mid-mount mower deck, 48" mid-mount mower deck, Snowblower, Blade

Quick Overview:

John Deere
John Deere GT275
Kawasaki FC540V
Engine Type:
four-stroke, air-cooled
Transmission & Oil Capacity:
4.3 L (1.1 US. gal, 0.9 Imp. gal.)
1995 to 1998
Fuel Type: