John Deere L130 Tractor Review & Specification

John Deere L130 Tractor Review & Specification

John Deere
John Deere L130
Engine Type:
Air-cooled vertical shaft V-Twin
Transmission & Oil Capacity:
2.4 qts [2.3 L]
2003 - 2005
Fuel Type:

The John Deere L130 is a lawn tractor from the John Deere 100 series. This 2WD tractor was manufactured by John Deere in the USA from 2003 to 2005. The John Deere L130 model is the larger version of the John Deere L110 and the John Deere L120 model. This lawnmower replaced its previous models with a more powerful engine and bigger dimensions.

The John Deere L130 is equipped with a 0.7 L V-twin Kohler gasoline engine. It produces 23.4 PS (17.2 kW; 23.0 HP) of maximum output power. This lawnmower has a belt-driven hydrostatic transmission system with infinite forward and reverse gears. The tractor also provides manual steering, disc brakes, and an open operator station. It contains a 7.9 liters (2.1 US gal.; 1.7 Imp) fuel tank.

This popular lawnmower includes useful attachments like a mower deck, snowblower, etc. This article includes the specifications, features, price, and other information about the John Deere L130 lawnmower. If you want to know more about this useful garden mower, read below about the John Deere L130 model.

John Deere L130 Tractor Review

Features Of John Deere L130 Tractor

The John Deere L130 is a full-size 2 WD lawn tractor. This model was in production from 2003 to 2005. It came to the market with useful features and attachments. This gasoline-powered lawn mower is popular for mowing big lawns. Here are the key features of the John Deere L130 tractor model.


The John Deere L130 is powered by the Kohler CV23S engine producing 23 horsepower. This 2-cylinder naturally aspirated engine is fuelled by gasoline and has a displacement of 0.7 liters. This engine with overhead-valve has full pressure lubrication and contains a spin-on oil filter. The air-cooled engine prefilters the air intake with a dual-state system to remove impurities and dust. This Kohler engine has a 4×2 2WD chassis and is started by a 12-volt electric system. Its battery is charged with a 16 amp alternator.


The John Deere L130 model has a Belt-driven hydrostatic transmission that makes the tractor easy to operate. The tractor uses the Tuff Torq HD K46 transmission system. This helps you change the speed without shifting the gear. You can speed up and slow down the vehicle through the pedal. The two-foot pedal offers easy acceleration and breaking. The highest forward speed of this lawnmower is 8.9 km/h (5.5 mph). And the maximum reversing speed on this model is 5.2km/h (3.2 mph).


The John Deere L130 mower is 1,525 mm (60 in) long and 910 mm (35.8 in) inches wide. Its height is 980 mm (38.6 in) and the tractor weighs 241 kg (531 lbs). This model has a seatback height of 15 inches and its front/ back seat adjustment spans 6.5 inches.


The John Deere L130 mower includes many useful attachments. The main attachments are a mower deck with blades and a snowblower. The mower deck is a mid-mount John Deere 48 in (1,210 mm) mower deck with 3-blades and a manual lift. The blades are front-mounted John Deere 46 in (1,160 mm) blades. The snowblower is a Front-mount John Deere two-stage 0422GX 42 in (1,070 mm) snowblower with manual lift.

The mower also includes floor mats, mowed time meter, cargo mounting system, service information decal, Cupholder, tool tray, etc. The headlights in the mower allow you to work at your convenient time even at night.

Other Features

This model comes with a 2.1-gallon fuel tank located at the rear of the mower. It has a one-level choke system and a 16-amp electric charging system. John Deere L130 lawn mower comes with a low turning radius of just 0.46 m (18 inches (inches). This helps you operate the tractor in oddly shaped gardens with many twists and turns. Also, its cruise-control option helps you mow long grass areas without additional effort. The tires for the John Deere L130 are 16×6.5-8 in the front and 22×9.5-12 in the rear.

Its 48-inch mower deck can be used for mulching or bagging. Also, the tractor can take a 48 inch John Deere snowplow and a 42 inch 2 stage snowblower.

Pros Of John Deere L130 Tractor

  • It is equipped with a Kohler CV23S gasoline 2-cylinder air-cooled vertical shaft V-Twin engine of 23 hp power.
  • It offers the best class features such as belt-driven hydrostatic transmission, infinite forward and reverse gears, 2.3 L oil capacity.
  • It includes useful attachments like a 48″ mid-mount mower deck, Snowblower, and Blade.
  • It has a turning radius of just 0.46 m (18 inches) like the smaller models ofL100 series.
  • It offers standard cruise control enabling you to cut long straight sections of grass without changing speed.
  • It has floor mats that provide the operator with extra grip while operating the tractor in wet weather.
  • It provides back support during operation with a 15 inches high yellow seat.

Cons Of Of John Deere L130 Tractor

  • Sometimes the engine backfires when you shut it off.

Manufacturing Date

You can locate the serial number of the tractor in the frame above the left rear wheel.

2003: 010001

2004: 060001

2005: 130001


John Deere L130 Tractor

So this is all about the John Deere L130 tractor model. It is a light and swift but powerful 2WD lawnmower. It has a Kohler CV23S 2-cylinder 23 hp gasoline engine and a Tuff Torq HD K46 hydrostatic transmission system. The reliable tractor provides a comfortable design and many useful attachments. This article has covered its features, specifications, price, pros, and cons. Hopefully, this will be helpful for you to get a better idea about this popular lawnmower.

Technical Specifications

Engine Details
Engine Model: Kohler CV23S
Bore and stroke: 3.15x2.64 inches [80 x 67 mm]
Engine type: Air-cooled vertical shaft V-Twin
Compression ratio: NA
Cylinders: 2
Horsepower: 23 hp [17.2 kW]
Fuel type: Gasoline
Starter: Electric
Fuel Capacity: 2.1 gal [7.9 L]
Coolant Capacity: NA
Rated RPM: NA
Displacement: 673 cc [41.1 ci]
Intake valve clearance: 0.005 inches [0.127 mm]
Torque RPM: NA
Exhaust valve clearance: 0.010 inches [0.254 mm]
Power Details
Drawbar (Claimed):​ NA
Drawbar (Tested): NA
PTO (Claimed): NA
PTO (Tested): NA
Belt (Claimed): NA
Belt (Tested): NA
Plows: NA
Transmission and Chassis​
Chassis: 4x2 2WD
Transmission type: Belt-driven hydrostatic
Steering type: Manual
Gears: Infinite forward and reverse
Brakes: Disc
Speed: Forward: 5.5 Mph [8.8 Kmph], Reverse: 3.2 Mph [5.1 Kmph]
Transmission model: Tuff Torq K46 HD
Transmission oil capacity: 2.4 qts [2.3 L]
Dimensions and Tires​
Wheelbase: NA
Front tire: 16x6.5-8
Weight: 532 lbs [241 kg]
Rear tire: 22x9.5-12
Height: 38.6 inches [98 cm]
Height (Exhaust): NA
Hitch And Attachments​
Mower deck type: Mid-mount John Deere 3-blade with manual lift,
Mower deck size: 48 inches [121 cm]
Mid mower deck: NA
Mid mower deck size: NA
Blade type: Front-mount John Deere
Blade Width: 46 inches [116 cm]
Hitch type: NA
Attachment list: 48" mid-mount mower deck , snowblower, blade

Quick Overview:

John Deere
John Deere L130
Engine Type:
Air-cooled vertical shaft V-Twin
Transmission & Oil Capacity:
2.4 qts [2.3 L]
2003 - 2005
Fuel Type: