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John Deere LT133 Tractor Review & Specification

Like most John Deere tractors, the LT133 model was manufactured in Horicon, Wisconsin, USA. This 2WD tractor is the first in a not-so-long line of LT series tractors from John Deere which include LT150 and LT155.

LT133 is a compact lawn tractor. I know the word “compact” has been misused one too many times but trust me on this. It is small and compact and should be able to handle your lawn activities like mowing and fertilizer application, but do not expect it to do too much.

It was manufactured between 1998 and 2001 before it was discontinued, nevertheless, its use never stopped as small-time farmers and lawn owners continue to use this compact tractor.

But what else is there to this tractor aside from its size? This is what we’ll be swing shortly in this guide. We will cover all of its major features, its strong points, and things they should have done better when making this tractor. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

John Deere LT133 Specifications

John Deere LT133 Specifications

General Specifications

ModelJohn Deere LT133
Length1,725 mm (67.9 in)
Width902 mm (35.5 in)
Height1,030 mm (40.6 in)
Wheel base
Weight178 kg (392.4 lbs)
Fuel tank capacity7.5 liters (2 US gal.; 1.6 Imp. gal)
Battery12V CCA: 160A
Cabin typeOpen operator station

Transmission and chassis

Chassis4×2 2WD
Steering typeManual
Transmission modelDana 4360
Transmission typeGear type
Gears5 forward and 1 reverse
SpeedForward: 8.5 kmh (5.3 mph) Reverse: 3.9 (2.4 mph)


Engine modelKohler Command PRO CV13S
Engine typeFour-stroke, air-cooled, inline
Fuel typeGasoline
Displacement0.4 L, 389 cm2, (23.7 cu·in)
Bore and stroke87.0 mm X 67.0 mm (3.43 in X 2.64 in)
Compression ratio8.5:1
Horsepower13.2 PS (9.7 kW; 13 HP) at 3,600 rpm
Torque20.5 N·m (2.1 kg·m, 15.1 ft·lb) at 2,400 rpm
Oil typeSAE 10W-30, API: SG, SH, SJ
Oil capacity:1.8 L (1.9 US. qt, 1.58 Imp. qt.)
Spark plugChampion RC12YC


Front tiresLawn/turf: 15×6.00-6
Rear tiresLawn/turf: 20×10.00-8


Mower deck with 2 blades and manual liftJohn Deere 38: mid-mount 38 in
BladeJohn Deere 4291M: front-mount 42 in

Physical Dimensions

As earlier mentioned, LT133 is a small-sized, compact lawn tractor that is just right for handling your lawn needs but not more massive work as a large expanse of land.

LT133 is weighing just 392.4 lbs. it is 35.5 in wide, 40.6 in high, and 67.9 in long to make up its small frame. This size can be a great advantage when it comes to navigating tight corners, getting parking space in your shed, and general handling. It can also be a cause some discomfort as a small-sized tractor will mean you will have to do more work before you can cover a decent-sized field.

John Deere LT133 has an open cabin system that can mean more room and also a lack of protection for the user at the same time. It also has an adjustable seat for improved operator comfort when working.

John Deere LT133 Tractor


Kohler is the company tasked with making the engine for this tractor. The engine model is Kohler command PRO CV13S model, single-cylinder, and powered by gasoline. The engine type is a four-stroke, air-cooled engine with a small displacement of 0.4L.

You do not have to do so much to get the engine up and running as it is fitted with an electric starter. Everything about this tractor is compact and small including its fuel tank capacity of just 7.5 liters which means you may not be able to carry a lot of fuel in the tank, however, its size and ability mean it will not consume a lot of fuel.

Its horsepower is set at 13HP and has an oil type of SAE 10W-30, API: SG, SH, SJ. The oil capacity of this engine is 1.8L.

Transmission and Chassis

For the engine power to be used effectively by the different parts of the tractor, the transmission has to be on point. Without this, all the horsepower and engine power generated would mean so little. Thankfully, the John Deere LT133 lawn tractor is fitted with great transmission and chassis to do just this. The chassis is 4×2 2WD while the transmission model is Dana 4360 with a gear transmission type.

The gear consists of 5 forward and 1 reverse gear while the steering is a manual steering type. This will mean handling would not be the best with this tractor but since it is a small-sized tractor, you can still do a great deal of maneuvering with it.


While everything was seemingly reduced for this compact tractor, the battery remains the same as most other tractors. This means you can get more out of your LT133 battery than most other tractors.

It uses the popular 12V battery with 160 cold-cranking amps.


Despite the fact LT133 is a small tractor with minimal weight, it still needs tires that can carry this weight effectively, spread the weight evenly to avoid accidents, and enable the smooth handling of the tractor. The tires fitted here are the perfect match for this tractor with the front tires having a rating of 15×6.00-6 and rear tires rated 20×10.00-8.

Pros and Cons of LT133 Tractor

Even the best tractor ever built will have its drawbacks, this is why this section showing the best and the worst of the LT133 tractor is vital.


  • Compact: small-sized tractors like the LT133 will give you so much room. The issue of having a small garden shed to park the tractor when it is not in use will also be a thing of the past
  • Efficient fuel consumption:  its size also helps its fuel efficiency as it will efficiently use fuel while working on your lawn
  • Excellent for mowing: if you are looking for a driven mower, this tractor would be perfect for you as mowing is the most efficient use of its abilities
  • Excellent handling: the LT133 can boast of a tighter turning radius that enables better control to move around objects as your work with the tractor
  • Adjustable seat


  • Not versatile: while it is great for mowing, you may struggle to achieve the same effect when using it for other things
  • You might find driving this tractor hard to understand at first


It was sold for $1,999 when it was first released in 1998. LT133 is a fairly affordable tractor even at that time. Today, this tractor can be gotten for anything between $500 and $750. Seeing that it is not quite old, it will be easy to find LT133 in good condition.


LT133 is a small and effective lawn mower that will handle small lawn tasks like mowing to perfection. Its power is small but this is enough seeing that it is a compact tractor.

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