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John Deere LT155 Tractor Review & Specification

The John Deere LT155 tractor belongs to the LT series. The tractor manufactured by John Deere. It is a lawn tractor and is mostly used for cutting grass. The tractor was manufactured from 1998 to 2001 in Oregon, USA. The tractor has a 0.4 single-cylinder gasoline engine. The transmission model is hydrostatic type. It has infinite forward and reverse gears.

The tractor uses the Kohler Command PRO CV15S engine. It is a single-cylinder naturally aspirated gasoline engine which has a piston stroke of 67mm and a cylinder bore of 90mm. The engine is very powerful and gives the tractor a very long service life. The tractor is also equipped with manual steering. It has an open operation station type and the fuel capacity is also quite large. The tractor also comes with multiple attachments which make the entire task of mowing a lot easier.

John Deere LT155 Tractor Review

Why is getting a tractor important for the farmers?

A tractor is one of the most powerful farming equipment for farmers. Without a tractor, a farmer will not be able to achieve his farming objectives. Tractors make the entire task of mowing and cropping a lot easier. Using a tractor, you will also be able to move heavy objects around a field. So, if you are into farming, you must consider getting a really good quality tractor for yourself and the John Deere LT155 is one such tractor that will meet all your requirements perfectly.

General Specifications of the John Deere LT155 tractor:

ModelJohn Deere LT155
Engine modelKohler Command PRO CV15S
Engine typeFour-stroke, air-cooled, inline
Transmission modelTuff-Torq K51A
Transmission typeHydrostatic
Chassis4×2 2WD
Battery 12 V

John Deere LT155 Serial Numbers

If you are confused regarding how to find the exact year of manufacturing of your tractor, then here is a simple guide for you that will help you to understand in which year your tractor was manufactured. Each tractor comes with a specific serial number and each serial number points to a particular year. The serial numbers along with their year of manufacturing have been mentioned below:

  • 1998: 010001
  • 1999: 045001
  • 2000: 085001
  • 2001: 125001


John Deere LT155 Tractor

Now let us see some of the most striking features of the John Deere LT155 tractor:

General features: John Deere LT155 tractor has a length of 1725 mm, a width of 915 mm and a height of 1030 mm. The weight of the tractor is 176kg and the fuel tank capacity is 7.5 litres. It consists of a 12-volt battery while the cabinet type is an open operator station. These general features make the tractor of popular choice amongst the present-day farmers.

Engine: The engine model of the tractor is Kohler Command PRO CV15S. It has a Four-stroke, air-cooled, inline engine. There is just one single cylinder and the fuel type used by the tractor is gasoline. The displacement of the tractor is 0.4L while the compression ratio is 8.5:1. The horsepower is 15.2 PS. The oil capacity of the tractor is 1.8 L. Being a complex machine, the engine of the tractor is really important. So, the John Deere LT155 model comes with a really powerful engine that will allow you to achieve all your farming goals.

Transmission: The transmission model of the tractor is Tuff-Torq K51A. This is a really high-quality transmission type and will make it extremely easy for the tractor to transmit the power to those attachments that do any have any source of the power of their own. The transmission type used is hydrostatic type. The transmission system, however, does not have power steering. It uses manual steering only. The chassis is 4×2 2WD. The forward speed is 5.5 mph while the reverse speed is 3 mph.

PTO: The power take-off shaft is another feature that you need to consider while you are getting a tractor for yourself. The power take-off shaft of the John Deere LT155 tractor is independent with a manual clutch.

Attachments: The tractor has multiple attachments including a mower deck and blades. All the attachments are strongly fixed to the body of the vehicle. This will prevent movement between the accessory parts of the vehicle which helps to reduce friction. Also, as all the parts of the tractors are strongly fixed, the noise produced by the tractor while you are moving it around the field is also quite less.

Pros of the John Deere LT155 tractor:

  • The tractor has a highly reliable engine that will last for years without you having to get it checked by a mechanic regularly. The engine is run by comparatively high power which gives it a very good performance. You will be able to carry out all your basic as well as advanced activities using this tractor.
  • The body of the tractor is both strong and durable. It is not easily damaged under any condition. You can also use this tractor for a considerable duration of time. There are a lot of farmers who also buy this tractor second-hand and enjoy a seamless performance.
  • The attachments of the tractor are of really good quality. They are also completely attached to the tractor body. This will make it easier for you to use the attachments whenever you want to. Another feature which makes the John Deere LT155 tractor stand out among its competitor is that it was silently without creating any kind of unnecessary noise. 
  • The tractor is also fitted with headlights because of which you will be able to do all your farming activity even during the evenings and the nights. As a result, you will be able to avoid working during the scorching heat of the sun in summers.

Cons of the John Deere LT155 tractor:

  • One of the most important disadvantages of the tractor is that it does not have power steering. This can make driving a little difficult.
  • The tractor also has scarce spare parts available in the market. So, if any of your parts get broken down or damaged, you will not easily find the exact part of the tractor.
  • The price of the tractor has also been rising steeply over the past few years. Thus, if you want to buy this tractor directly from the showroom, it may cost you a lot of money.

To end with:

As you can see, the John Deere LT155 tractor is both reliable and efficient. You can use this tractor for modern farming. The features of the tractor are quite advanced. So, don’t forget to share with us what exactly you feel about the tractor. Also, if you have any other features in mind, do let us know of them.

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