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John Deere 430 Tractor Review & Specification

John Deere 430 is a 2 wheel drive lawn and garden tractor in the 400 John Deere series. This series consists of several other tractors with the JD 430 being the third to be released after 400 and 425 tractors.

JD 430 was first released in 1984 and was manufactured for 8 years before it was discontinued in 1992. It was manufactured in Horicon, Wisconsin, USA. Featuring power steering, improved durability, and awesome features, it didn’t take long for JD 430 to become a fan favorite.

This article is for two sets of people namely:

  • You already own a JD 430, but you don’t know so much about what it can do and you feel deep down in your belly that you are yet to fully utilize the abilities of your tractor
  • You are looking to get a JD 430 and you want to know everything there is so you can make an informed decision on whether to go ahead or seek other alternatives

If you fall into any of these categories, sit back and enjoy as we take you through the complete JD 430 guide.


John Deere 430 Tractor Review

General Specifications

ModelJohn Deere 430
Length2,130 mm (83.9 in)
Width1,300 mm (51.2 in)
Height1,230 mm (48.4 in)
Wheel base1,320 mm (52 in)
Weight530 kg (1,168 lbs)
Fuel tank capacity24.6 liters (6.5 US gal.; 5.4 Imp. gal)
Cabin typeOpen operator station


Engine modelYanmar 3TNA72UJ
Engine typeFour-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline
Fuel typeDiesel
Displacement0.9 L, 885 cm2, (54.0 cu·in)
Bore and stroke72.0 mm X 72.0 mm (2.83 in X 2.83 in)
Horsepower20.3 PS (14.9 kW; 20.0 HP) at 3,350 rpm
Oil capacity:3.4 L (3.6 US. qt, 3 Imp. qt.)
Coolant capacity:3.8 L (4 US. qt, 3.3 Imp.

Hydraulic system

Hydraulic type
Hydraulic capacity7.1 L (7.5 US. qt, 6.25 Imp. qt.)

Three-Point Hitch

Control type
Lift capacity (at ends)290 kg (639 lbs)


Front tiresLawn/turf: 18×8.50-8
Rear tiresLawn/turf: 26×12.00-12

Transmission and chassis

Chassis4×2 2WD
Steering typePower
BrakesDifferential mechanical drum
Differential lockRear standard
Transmission modelSundstrand 90
Transmission typeShaft-driven hydrostatic
GearsInfinite (2-range) forward and reverse
SpeedForward: 16.0 kmh (9.9 mph) Reverse: 6.4 (4 mph)
Transmission oil capacity7.1 L (1.9 US. gal, 1.6 Imp. gal

PTO (Power take-off shaft)

Front PTO typeIndependent with electric clutch
Front PTO speed3,400 rpm
Rear PTO typeIndependent with electric clutch
Rear PTO speed2,000 rpm

Features of John Deere 430

Here you will see the features put into JD 430 in detail and how it affects its productivity and usage.

Features of John Deere 430

Physical Appearance

JD 430 is 89.3 inches long, 51.2 inches wide, and 48.4 inches high while weighing 553kg. This is a fairly decent size for a lawn tractor.

You might be wondering, why does the size of the tractor matter? Well, a good-sized tractor will ensure you do not spend so much time working on your lawn and also ensureyour tractor does not consume more power than required. The size of the JD 430 should be able to work your lawn in good time.

You will not be able to use this tractor under the rain as it is an open cabin tractor without overhead protection unless you want to get drenched. You can however use it in poor light conditions as it has annunciator lights on its dashboard.


John Deere 430 is equipped with a Yanmar 3TNA72UJ engine model. It is a 3-cylinder diesel engine with a power rating of 20HP. This is enough for your lawn/garden needs without being overworked and needing time out to cool down.

The engine has a displacement of 885cc and bore/stroke of 2.83×2.83 inches which will help use fuel effectively while producing a decent power level. Like most JD tractors, it has an electric starter so you can easily and quickly start the engine.


Imagine a 553kg tractor sitting on thin bicycle tires, does that seem feasible? Now we’re on the same page.

Tires are important features of a tractor because they carry the weight of the tractor, they move the tractor around and ensure the operator doesn’t do more than required.

JD 430 lawn tractor has two front tires with a ratingof 18×8.50-8 and two rear tires with a ratingof 26×12.00-12.

Transmission and Chassis

As the name implies, transmission takes all the power generated by the engine to the various parts that need them while chassis is the base frame of the tractor that holds several parts of the tractor like the engine, steering, and electrical systems.

The chassis of this tractor is 4×2 2WD. JD 430 uses a Sundstrand 90 transmission model, a power steering which enables ease of operating the tractor. 430 is the first John Deere tractor to use power steering. You can maneuver tight spaces easily with the help of the power steering.

It uses a shaft-driven hydrostatic transmission type with infinite forward and reverse gears and differential mechanical drum brakes.


With the help of the power take-off shaft in this tractor, energy can be transferred to several attachments. These attachments help you utilize your tractor in various ways. What are the available attachments for JD 430?

  • John Deere 44 loader on the front mount
  • John Deere 60 inches mower deck with 3 blades and hydraulic lift on the mid-mount
  • John Deere 50 inches mower deck with 3 blades and hydraulic lift on the mid-mount
  • John Deere 0062M 42 inches 2-stage snow blower with hydraulic lift on the front mount
  • John Deere 0042M 54 inches 2-stage snow blower with hydraulic lift on the front mount
  • John Deere 47 2752M 47 inches 2-stage snow blower with hydraulic lift on the front mount

Pros and Cons of John Deere 430

There are always pros and cons to everything so let’s see what makes this tractor stand out and what may stop you from enjoying it.


  • Power steering
  • Lots of attachments
  • Conserves fuel
  • Annunciator light
  • Large tires


  • Open cabin
  • You may struggle to find its parts

How Much Does JD 430 Cost?

John Deere 430 was sold for $9,500 in 1992, the last year it was manufactured. Now, almost 30 years later, you can get a decently used John Deere 430 in good condition for anything between $1,500 to $2,500 depending on your negotiation skills and the condition of the tractor.


Even though this tractor is almost 30 years old now, some models are even over 30 years old already, they have proven to be reliable and durable and will still serve you for long if you can take good care of it. At a price like that, you’ll be getting a good deal for this tractor. Because of its horsepower rating, it is more suited for small lawn sizes and gardens.

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